Gardner Bender manufactures more than 75% of all products they sell.  They have and will continue to invest heavily in the tools of technology and the methods of World Class Manufacturing.  sophisticated information technology such as Oracle, manufacturing and warehouse automation, and an equal investment in our employees ensure that the products and service you receive exceed your expectations.

Today, they concentrate their rescues on growing the business, both through internal growth and carefully selected acquisitions.  Gardner Bender has averaged 20% annual growth for the last 10 years.  Their achievements reflect their continuing commitment to growth and a focus on areas where they drive their own opportunities.

                                                    Basaic Catagories:

Wire Connecting Tenmination and Control        Conduit Bending Tools
Wire Handeling  & Management                          Hand and Cutting Tools
Cable Ties, Staples & Fastners                          Metal Storage Containers

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