FOR CONTRACRORS
                    BY CONTRACTORS

B.E.S Manufacturing makes quality tools for the installation of all types of wire and cable.  Featuring the Fiberfish, fiberglass push/pull rods that are connected on sections to meet variable length requirements.  Available with a large variety of attachments to suit nearly any installation situation.

In addition, B.E.S. manufactures a new line of flexible drill bits with a Patent Pending replaceable auger head.  B.E.S. also offers solutions for wire dispensing, along with many other tools for installation, all manufactured in the USA.

All B.E.S Manufacturing tools are designed to make difficult installations easy and.impossible installations possible.  The design ideas came as the result the many years that Our President Bill Bergman spent as an Electrician Tradesman and seeing the need for Tools that are user friendly thus saving time and money on the Job Site.

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