Kingfisher International Precision Handheld Fiber Optic Test Equipment

Since its beginning in 1986, Kingfisher International has been recognized as a leader in the fiber optic test instrument and measurement industry. Currently Kingfisher International test instruments are being utilized by major Telco's in 70 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. In January 2006, Kingfisher International firmly entered the US fiber optic test and measurement market by the signing of a vendor contract with Embarq Logistics (formerly Sprint North Supply).
Kingfisher International makes a fiber optic tester for every network fiber testing application. The entire test instrument line incorporates 20 years of field tested innovation to produce the most advanced fiber optic testing equipment available. This fiber optic test equipment tests single mode fiber optics systems in the telecom and cable industries, and multimode fiber used in LAN, automotive and industrial data network installation. All Kingfisher International hand-held fiber optic testers offer practical specifications for fiber optic testing and are backed by a standard 3 year warranty with an optional 5-7 year extended warranty. Each Kingfisher fiber optic tester is carefully tested and calibrated before shipment. All test instruments have 3 year calibration cycles with an ILAC MRA-1982, NATA-NIST traceable calibration, ISO9001, ISO 17025, and an industry wide record of superior reliability.

Key differentiators of Kingfisher International Fiber Optic Test equipment:

  • 1% guaranteed accuracy, across all operational specs and conditions, traceable to NATA-NIST.
  • Therefore: reliable, consistent measurements, no second guessing, no questionable results.
  • No warm-up or stabilization time when changing to-from any wavelengths.
  • Therefore: extremely fast testing, 4 wavelengths, both directions, end-to-end test in under 10 seconds!
  • Easy to use/easy to learn. One button testing for a complete fiber test.
  • Rugged design based on 20 years of field experience. Will withstand a 1 meter drop to hard surface.
  • Extremely low cost of ownership: 3 year calibration cycle, 3 year warranty, less than .1% failure rate per year.
  • Long battery life, from 190 hours to well over 300 hours of continuous use.


Kingfisher International Timeline:


        Develops world's first talk set with long range and hands free capability.

        Worlds first to offer 3 year standard warranty, extendable to 5 or 7 year optional warranty.

        Worlds first to offer and establish 3 year calibration validity period.

        Worlds first to offer fully bi-directional hand-held tester.

        ILAC, MRA, NATA/NIST 1982, NATO.

        Achieves Global Standards compliance, IS09000 and NATA calibration laboratory, 1993.

        Achieves Global Standards compliance, ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation, 1994.

        Achieves NATO Certification, Approval, and Listing compliance.

        Kingfisher International develops and patents the revolutionary Cold Clamp, 1995.

        Cold Clamp wins prestigious Photonics Circle of Excellence Award, 1998.

        Achieves Global Standards compliance, ISO/TEC 17025 accreditation, 1999.

        Kingfisher International releases the KI-7824 four wavelength multi purpose light source for testing both single mode and multimode fiber optic systems, December, 2002.

        Kingfisher International releases the K1-7300A series four wavelength CWDM Premium Loss Test Set for emerging CWDM, LAN, and FTTH applications, November, 2004.

        Kingfisher International releases the upgraded KT-7340A series Bi-Directional, four wavelength, Optical Return Loss Tester for high fiber count CWDM, LAN and FTTH applications, July, 2005.

        Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from the Victorian Photonics Network, 2005.

        Asia Pacific Technology Master Distributor contract signed and ratified with Kingfisher International, August, 2005.

Kingfisher International instruments have become established as the principle Telco testing
standard in 70 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe the Middle East and the Americas,

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